Healing from Chronic Myofascial Pain—Support for Chronic Pain Sufferers


Described below is one of the many approaches I've tried or considered trying for healing my chronic myofascial pain:

Soft collar

BOTTOM LINE:  Helpful immediately after surgery only.  

For the first several days after surgery, I felt I needed a soft neck-collar. I removed it when my neck felt steady enough.

Three weeks after surgery, I used the neck collar again when my family and I took a pre-planned weekend getaway that was a three-hour drive away and my neck was still causing me significant pain. It might have helped slightly during the car ride, but I was still in substantial pain.

Another time, about four months after my surgery when considerable pain remained and my surgeons weren't sure why I wasn't getting better, they suggested I wear the neck collar again. It didn't do anything to reduce the burning and jabbing muscle pain in the trigger points in and around my neck. Plus, wearing the collar for too long only stiffens the muscles around my neck, so I don't wear it anymore.

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