Healing from Chronic Myofascial Pain—Support for Chronic Pain Sufferers


Described below is one of the many approaches I've tried or considered trying for healing my chronic myofascial pain:


BOTTOM LINE:  Flared up my symptoms, but cathartic.

In 2016, while undergoing Somatic Experiencing (SE™) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) treatment to address past trauma, I had anger bubble up from deep inside me again, as it had in many past John F. Barnes myofascial release (JFB-MFR) sessions. So I decided to try kickboxing.

I took six classes in May 2016, and while it felt cathartic to punch and kick, it flared up my neck pain in the hours and days after each class. The pain would come down eventually, but it meant having more days of increased pain. I was only able to try this because of my ability to rest and sit in the hot tub in the days in between classes.

My flare-ups after this exercise felt like they were my body’s conditioned response to fear or whatever else might be driving my pain. I may try kickboxing again, with the hope that my body can override those instincts while also expressing pent up anger from my past traumas to allow my body to function without pain.

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