Healing from Chronic Myofascial Pain—Support for Chronic Pain Sufferers


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Treatments: Injections

Described below is one of the many approaches I've tried or considered trying for healing my chronic myofascial pain:

Facet joint injection

BOTTOM LINE:  Made my pain temporarily worse.  

This is when a doctor injects a steroid into the facet joint in your spine (a small joint located between and behind adjacent vertebrae that provides for both stability and fluid movement of the spine). The injection is conducted under X-ray so the doctor avoids hitting the spinal cord.  

I had a facet joint injection in my neck in 2009 after my pain spiked up when I was rear-ended in my car three-and-a-half years after my initial disc rupture and subsequent surgery. After the car accident, I was having pain in new locations around my neck and head, so the doctor wanted to rule out any injury to the facet joint. The injection only worsened my pain for several days and the doctor concluded that my facet joint was not the source of my pain.